Wednesday, 28 July 2010

en été

en été - the imaginary summer fragrance from the mind of RASCONRAD.

A photographer is oftimes only as good as the subject in front of his lens and the team behind them. I continue to be blessed in both respects.

Earlier this summer
a team of models
(big thanks to Ru, Zola and our supermodel OLU),
a stylist who couldn't make the shoot on the day
but laid out all the clothing, accessories and shoes for us
on the night before
( - Thanks KEVON)
(anytime, anywhere SPARKLE)

came together for a shoot that had models, in and out of the freezing water in Brighton - to no avail, as you can see none of those shots were used - riding a kiddie "choo-choo train" - and being photographed on the edge of a nudist beach all for the love of the craft.

You guys are the true talent. And as always I ceaselessly APPLAUD your efforts, and give thanks for your faith in me, even when sometimes I don't have the faith in myself.



PROJECT: en été

MODEL(S): ru, olu, zola

MUA/HAIR: sparkle

STYLIST: kevon guerra




Tuesday, 20 July 2010

COLOURS - the concert

Every now and then I get to step away from fashion photography in order to do, cover or take part in some other type of event from behind my lens. One such recent event NEEDS to be mentioned. It is this event that has drawn me back to my blog.

By now you know that if you don't here from me on here for awhile; it's not that I have given you guys up, but rather that I am hard at work creating. For this is my challenge to myself to continuously push my own boundaries. Moreso now that I have also taken on the 'assistance and mentoring of' the extremely talented personage of Dushane Casteallo.
Yes my readers, Batman has found his Robin, and as this DYNAMIC DUO strikes out let nay-sayers beware. LOL.
But no seriously, an extremely motivated and talented young man, with an incredible eye for video and photography. Be sure to look for more from this rising talent who has already produced my RCP2010-03 video edit: ZOLA TEST SHOOT, and is at this very minute hard at work on the video edit from the shoot of the COLOURS dance project.
But back to COLOURS...

A story about the ups and downs of relationship depicted through colour and dance.
We follow the affluent reds and the ghetto fabulous blues on their journey of union
whilst dealing with the influences of society.
The cacophony of rich colour blended with the exuberance of these young performers
lent itself to an evening that was as "unforgettable as it was entertaining".

The production, directed and choreographed by Michelle Scarlett recently came off at the Oval House Theatre and was a resounding success that engaged the talents of a host of young performers including one that is no stranger to the RasConrad lens.

Linton Clarke (model) donned a different outfit as one of the productions lead male dancers and showed that where talent is concerned that he is definitely more than just a pretty face.

While each performer shone in their solo performances special mention needs to be made of two performers who for me stole the show.

The opening act in the second half of the show;
Gareth Mort (navy blue) - "In my mind" brought the house down with is moves

Patrice Anderson
(gold) - "Freeze" was quickly labelled golden girl on the night and with her moves it was easy to see why.

Cathy Kasozi
(deep red) - "A piece of me" a solid and easily recognizable talent throughout the showcase and Liam Sane (purple) - "Cold Case Love" who provided so many moving and captivating moments throughout his performance, that it was easy to see why he was a photographer's favourite the night.

Jade Anderson (amber) - "Upstairs" moving soliloquy
through dance was the prefect offset to the real life drama and spirit of Ceryne Miller-Grant (mint) - "Sleeping with a broken heart" who steadfastly went on even while in pain and regretably had to be taken away in an ambulance on the second night. A credit to all the performers. The nights renditions as said before was one not easily forgotten and eagerly anticipated for round two.




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