Friday, 14 October 2011


So much talk is going around about whether or not Beyonce has or hasn't once again copied works for her newest video COUNTDOWN.  

My thing is why are we upset either way. The fact is that artists take inspiration from one another. It has been that way for as far back as we can remember. And is there anything really wrong with that. Madonna copied from movies for her videos. Rappers use 'rifs' constantly in there music. Even the latest Jay-Z and Kanye song is a huge re-incarnation of music originally done by OTIS READING

There is nothing new under the sun and if an artiste pays homage 'with respect' where is the dishonour. Copying is one of the greatest forms of approval there is. It is testimony that someone thinks sooo much of what you do that they are willing to copy or re-express it in their own way. In many ways this is what life is about, and it is not copying as much as it is exposing a newer, younger group to the works of the past.

Perhaps, what needs to be done is to acknowledge the legends of the past more actively when their works are used, and in that way not only do we continue their greatness, but we excel in ensuring that our own does ot look as if it has been built on the unappreciated bones of others. So perhaps the question is not if she were inspired but rather whether she acknowledges the inspiration.

Even now as you read this WHITNEY HOUSTAN and JORDIN SPARKS have been touted to be in the remake of the classic movie SPARKLE. Yes, yet another movie based loosely on the life of Diana Ross and the Supremes and while not as well known as DREAMGIRLS it does feature the iconic song


(jordan is expected to play the lead role of sparkle, while whitney is down to the the role of her mother)

See the original version after the jump or my own personal favourite as redone by En Vogue in their heyday.

Artistes inspire each other. It has always been the way. Get over it people.

en vogue

from the movie 'sparkle'

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